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From the Tule Lake Segregation Center to the Virtual World

With a 2013 NPS Japanese American Confinement Sites grant, the National Japanese American Historical Society in collaboration with the Bay Area Writing Project, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and the Tule Lake Committee used newly...

The Why Behind The Making

Last week, I read an article on venturebeat.com, describing Nancy Pelosi’s “awe” for the maker movement. The article was old, (published January of last year), but I was still happy to see this opinion vocalized, being a maker-educator, myself.
Author: Kylie Peppler
It has become increasingly clear that youths' experiences in schools do not match the kinds of experiences they are likely to have once they have... Read more
Author: Chris Sloan
A former student of mine, now in education herself, posed this question on Facebook: "Teacher friends, tomorrow is the day before a vacation [... Read more
"I think the most important thing is finding something you're passionate about. Computer programming worked well for me. But whether it's programming... Read more
Author: Karen Fasimpaur
This white paper from the Hive NYC talks about why working in the open is relevant to their organization. It further describes what working in the... Read more
Over the Summer of 2014, we launched a meetup of self-identified Black male educators hosted at The Center for the Study of Race & Equity in... Read more
"I would spend hours as a young 10-year-old coding my home page to host amateurish and practically useless graphics that I'd made...But hey, no... Read more
My first introduction to the book, Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom, was at the 2014 Urban Sites Conference in Chicago. As I made my way... Read more
Author: Nicole Mirra
I consider myself pretty invested in the Connected Learning community – I had the privilege of co-chairing the Civic Education & Youth Serving... Read more