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From the Tule Lake Segregation Center to the Virtual World

With a 2013 NPS Japanese American Confinement Sites grant, the National Japanese American Historical Society in collaboration with the Bay Area Writing Project, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and the Tule Lake Committee used newly...

A Love Supreme: Reflections on Why We Continue to Teach | A Special #ce14 Presentation

Over the Summer of 2014, we launched a meetup of self-identified Black male educators hosted at The Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education. What began out of a friendly conversation of our relative scarcity in classrooms transformed...
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Author: David Perlis
We’re a K–12 school, with K–12 makers, and we treat that making as a way of driving student learning, rather than simply showcasing it. What that... Read more
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Author: Kate O'Connell
Hi Friends, Receiving a Grant, joining the Flat Class Global Educator Course (FCGE), and reading so many incredibly helpful blogs has invigorated my... Read more
Laura Fleming is an educator with 17 years of experience. She is currently a library and media specialist at New Milford High School in New Jersey... Read more
Author: Jamie Albers
When I remember social studies classes, I most often recall reading from dated textbooks and completing essays or worksheets to accompany the text.  ... Read more
When I imagine sharing this curriculum with teachers, I imagine what it means for teachers across the United States to teach for a more socially just... Read more
Author: Jack Zangerle
Katie was one of those quiet kids who came to school every day and did what was expected of her.  But she was a digital creator in the confines of... Read more
"I don't put students in groups so they can learn to work in groups or be social...I put people in groups because I think that's how knowledge is... Read more
One of the most difficult challenges of teaching first-year writing at the university level is moving students from a set of tightly held,... Read more
Author: Julie Johnson
In my classroom, we wonder. We wonder how wildfires start. We wonder what is the largest dog in the world. We wonder who invented Legos. My 4th-... Read more