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From the Tule Lake Segregation Center to the Virtual World

With a 2013 NPS Japanese American Confinement Sites grant, the National Japanese American Historical Society in collaboration with the Bay Area Writing Project, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and the Tule Lake Committee used newly...

A Love Supreme: Reflections on Why We Continue to Teach | A Special #ce14 Presentation

Over the Summer of 2014, we launched a meetup of self-identified Black male educators hosted at The Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education. What began out of a friendly conversation of our relative scarcity in classrooms transformed...
Author: Shannon Landin
Codecraft Lab, a 501(c)3 public charity in Brevard County, FL, began working this school year with local public schools to create after-school clubs... Read more
Author: David Perlis
This project guide offers a method for teaching basic circuitry and developing powers of observation and persistence by building simple robots that... Read more
Author: Colin Angevine
There are essentially three camps among educators who support the idea of integrating video games and learning:
Author: Josh Weisgrau
One of the difficulties of translating the school makerspace experience for people who are not currently engaged in maker projects with us, is that... Read more
Author: Joe Dillon
The Making Learning Connected Massive Open Online Collaboration (CLMOOC) summer professional learning is comprised not of units or weekly topics.... Read more
Brianna Crowley is a Pennsylvania high school teacher who encourages her students to use social media tools to express themselves and expand agency... Read more
Author: Josh Weisgrau
post by Colin Angevine and Josh Weisgrau We started a STEAM program, and three years later, we’ve outgrown the acronym.
Author: David Perlis
Last week, I read an article on venturebeat.com, describing Nancy Pelosi’s “awe” for the maker movement. The article was old, (published January of... Read more
Author: David Perlis
This project guide gives a series of lessons for teaching basic programming and mathematical concepts using "Turtle Art." These lessons were... Read more
Laura Ritchie is a teacher, researcher, performer, and learner. She is currently a Reader in Pedagogy at the University of Chichester. She created... Read more