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Create a Resource

At NWP Digital Is "resources" are examples of practice and educator inquiries. Resources are different than blogs in that they are more “evergreen,” can contain multiple pages, and can include a range of related documents and links. Resources can include a range of media and both are curateable into larger collections.

We invite all members of the community to contribute resources and invite you to request to become a resource creator.

We encourage resources that:

  • focus on our key areas of interest in digital literacy and connected learning;
  • take an inquiry stance toward teaching, share the theory of action behind the work, and invite reflection and response;
  • include reflection on examples of student work, as appropriate
  • use the tools of digital writing, as appropriate to the resource and as supported by our technical capacities

In order to create resources you must get permissions to be a resource creator. As a resource creator you can add resources freely. You will also have permission to draft in the background and ask for feedback before going live if you choose.

Ready to become a resource creator? Fill out this easy form.

Still thinking about a resource you might want to create? Here are some examples:

Image from Flickr: Santa Cruz Museum of Arts and History, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Creative Commons Licence