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As a school district technology director, I know that for my teachers to successfully utilize 21st Century tools and instructional methods, it is paramount that their building administrators have...
Melissa Shields - 2011-07-23 20:59
Keywords: Twitter, making, DIY
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Kate Leuschke Blinn - 2011-05-20 11:48
I couldn’t just stand on the shore waiting for the waves of social media to meet me, nor could I wade in only enough to get my feet wet. In order to create my digital profile as both a teacher and...
Nancy Devine - 2011-05-10 04:34
Curated page sections: Art/Craft
Keywords: Twitter, texting, short form
Our lives are awash in short form compositions. What is the impact of these brief bursts of words and characters on teens, on teaching, and on writing itself?
Paul Oh - 2011-03-17 15:49
The once lowly # has enjoyed a renaissance as the symbol of choice - and meaning - on Twitter. In the New Yorker article, Hash, author Susan Orlean discusses the history of the hashtag phenomenon...
Paul Oh - 2011-03-16 13:19
Despite the seeming limitation of 140 characters to express oneself, it turns out that you reveal regional dialects when tweeting. This piece from NPR, based on research from Carnegie Mellon...
Paul Oh - 2011-03-15 18:11
Across the country, in 200+ sites, National Writing Project Summer Institutes transform teachers through similar experiences—demos, reading and research, writing and responding. Connections are...
Keri Franklin - 2011-03-15 09:00
Learning a new genre—whatever the form—can remind us of what it means to learn to write. In February 2009, I created a Twitter account. As Director of the Ozarks Writing Project at Missouri State...
Keri Franklin - 2011-03-14 21:46
This page is part of My Social Media Story
The New Teacher Chronicle: A timeline of the very candid thoughts of a first-year teacher.[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"1711","attributes":{"class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:...
Steve Moore - 2011-03-02 07:22
Keywords: blog, Twitter, new teacher, PLN
This page is part of My Social Media Story
Year one of teaching is scary enough on its own; but when you add in the prospect of thousands of people watching you go on that journey publicly, intimidation doesn't even come close to describing...
Steve Moore - 2011-03-02 07:21

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