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What does it mean to be a Connected Educator?

After last year's inaugural Connected Educator Month, participating teachers argued “every month should be connected educator month.” And here at NWP Digital Is, where we explore digital literacies and connected learning, we couldn't agree more. In this collection, explore ways to connect during Connected Educator Month and to stay connected throughout the year!

What does being a connected educator mean to you?

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Student Choice via the 20 Time Project

This collection draws together blogs and resources that follow my experience implementing the 20 Time project, Innovation Hour, in my high school classroom.

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Assessing Digital Writing: Looking Closely at Student Work

This collection highlights six case studies centered on evidence the authors have uncovered through teacher inquiry and structured conversations about students’ digital writing. 

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Teaching in a Movement for Justice

How are we bringing the #BlackLivesMatter movement into our classrooms?

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Playing with Open Designs for Professional Learning

At the 2014 NWP Annual Meeting, a group of us participated in a "messing around and geeking out" session on Playing with Open Designs for Professional Learning.

The idea of this session was to think about how connected learning meets professional learning through open play experiences.

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From Professional Development to Professional Practice: The SEEDs of Connected Learning in a High Need Middle School

This collection of resources demonstrates the ways that middle school teachers at a high needs middle school in Eastern North Carolina are transforming their professional learning and teaching practices with Connected Learning frameworks.

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Interconnections: Understanding Systems through Digital Design

This collection highlights and supports the book series Interconnections: Understanding Systems through Digital Design. Each book of the series uses a design-based approach to learning and offers up a toolkit for supporting systems thinking in ways that are aligned to standards but also relevant to youth interests in digital culture.

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Connected Learning and the Invitational Summer Institute

What possibilities emerge for Writing Project sites when you take the traditional Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) and infuse that model with the principles of Connected Learning?  What role might the Make Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc) play in the unfolding Summer Institute?  This collection offers a glimpse of the possibilities that might emerge when the work of the the ISI and the #clmooc converge.

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Making a MOOC: What we learned in #CLMOOC

CLMOOC is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience that is open to anyone who is interested in making, creativity, and learning. In it, we designed and engaged in "makes"—creative projects—that tap into our personal (and professional) interests.

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Youth Say, Youth Practice, Educators Offer, Literacies are ...

This collection pulls together the research by Josyln Young. Young "wanted to figure out more about what teaching, learning, and pedagogy look like beyond the classroom" and studied young producers at the Philadelphia Student Union and Chester Voices for Change and how they learn and master skills in media production.


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