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What are we learning about how people develop as digital writers and connected learners?

The 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing is a satellite of the annual 4T Virtual Conference (teachers teaching teachers about technology), which is sponsored by the University of Michigan Schools of Education and Information and Oakland Schools. The 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing focuses on the research, pedagogy, and tools of writing in digital spaces in the K-12 classroom.

Resources in this collection have emerged from a growing partnership between the National Park Service (NPS) and the National Writing Project (NWP) designed to bolster connected learning opportunities within the national parks and reach more young visitors and educators.

This collection of case studies, each originally published by Connected Learning TV, features three communities who build on fan interests and engagement to unite, inspire, and drive social change. 

This collection of seven personal stories, each originally published by Connected Learning TV, showcases educators who are reimagining the role of educators as learners and developing new methodologies for teaching students in an increasingly digital age. 

This collection of ten personal stories, each originally published at Connected Learning TV, features individuals who use their personal passions to engage with their communities.

This collection of six personal stories documents the different ways that educators are utilizing aspects of both design and play in their curriculums. Their hands on approach to learning allows students to physically manifest their ideas by constructing, designing, and executing a plan to create something new either on their own or as a collaboration.

This collection features four case studies, each originally published at Connected Learning TV,  showcasing a range of spaces where learners are pursuing their interests and passions alongside peers and mentors. 

This collection of five case studies features a selection of schools, organizations, and collaborations focused on using a connected learning approach to educational and social outreach. This collection spotlights communities of learners and educators developing unique programs that can expand educational experiences beyond the four walls of the classroom.

This collection draws together blogs and resources that follow my experience implementing the 20 Time project, Innovation Hour, in my high school classroom.

This collection highlights six case studies centered on evidence the authors have uncovered through teacher inquiry and structured conversations about students’ digital writing.

How are we bringing the #BlackLivesMatter movement into our classrooms?

At the 2014 NWP Annual Meeting, a group of us participated in a "messing around and geeking out" session on Playing with Open Designs for Professional Learning.

The idea of this session was to think about how connected learning meets professional learning through open play experiences.

We looked at how two summer's worth of experiences in the ...

This collection of resources demonstrates the ways that middle school teachers at a high needs middle school in Eastern North Carolina are transforming their professional learning and teaching practices with Connected Learning frameworks.

This collection highlights and supports the book series Interconnections: Understanding Systems through Digital Design. Each book of the series uses a design-based approach to learning and offers up a toolkit for supporting systems thinking in ways that are aligned to standards but also relevant to youth interests in digital culture.

What possibilities emerge for Writing Project sites when you take the traditional Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) and infuse that model with the principles of Connected Learning?  What role might the Make Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc) play in the unfolding Summer Institute? This collection offers a glimpse of the possibilities that might emerge when the work of the the ISI and the #clmooc converge.