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What are we learning about the art and craft of digital writing?

As eBooks and immersive, web-based texts continue to proliferate, many of us still wonder how to approach this type of reading, both for ourselves and our students. Even as librarians, teachers, and readers debate the quality, availability, and just plain fun of ebooks, we know that more and more of our students are experiencing them. In this collection, we explore a variety of formats...

What does it look like when young people are writing on their own terms, in spaces outside of school? What new ways of composing do digital media tools open up for us, and what does that mean as it relates to literacy pedagogy and writing instruction inside of schools? This collection features resources written by Hip-hop & spoken word artists & entrepreneurs who work first-hand with youth on initiatives that center youth production and literacy.  

Our lives are awash in short form compositions. What is the impact of these brief bursts of words and characters on teens, on teaching, and on writing itself?

Writing was always about the word. Even the most read book of all acknowledges that elemental idea: In the beginning, there was the Word... This collection looks beyond the word, examining how the digital transcends the traditional, reshaping and re-envisioning building blocks of literacy to convey meaning.

The Digital Is website hosts a growing collection of stories, reflections, and resources about teaching and learning writing in a digital age. As the collection grows, we hope to maintain a certain point of view about teaching and the practice of writing: heavy on reflection, open to inquiry, focused on authentic student accomplishment.

How is the introduction of new technologies pushing NWP teachers & their students to rethink their fields and ways of composing?

At its core, connective writing is the idea that digital writers using digital writing tools create an inherently different kind of writing. What is connective writing, and what might it look like in practice?  Is it new and different?...or simply an extension of what's come before?

The prevalence of new multimedia authoring tools has redefined the kinds of writing students can compose in our classrooms. This collection supports students in composing with and using new digital writing tools in purposeful manners.