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Learning in Community: Personal Stories of Connected Learning

This collection of ten personal stories features individuals who use their personal passions to engage with their communities--from YouTubers who share Bollywood dance routines online, to musicians creating instructional groups for playing the cello. These personal stories provide glimpses into the how both interest-based learning and group learning can expand creativity and knowledge.  

Each personal story focuses on the different creative approaches educators are using to transform traditional curriculum and support Connected Learning, which leverages the advances of the digital age to pave the way for more customized, student-centered learning. It is characterized by learning that is social, participatory, interest-driven, and relevant to the opportunities of our time.  

These stories were originally featured on Connected Learning TV with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Connected Learning TV now airs on the National Writing Project's Educator Innovator


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on May 04 2016

Resources in this collection

Paola Ricaurte Quijano: Using Global Connections for Learning and Problem-Solving
Darren Kuropatwa: Fostering Voice, Ownership, and Understanding Online
Eva Mejia: Making Learning Visible through Networks
Brianna Crowley: Building Connection and Community through Social Media
Laura Ritchie: Connecting Students Through Music
Zack Baker: App Builder and Co-Learning Leader
Yuri Doolan: Telling Stories with Meaning Through Dance for Social Change
Charles Raben: Taking Control of His Own Learning to Pursue Social Change
Juan Devis + Youth Voices: Building Linkages Between School, Home, and the Local Community
Asha Richardson: Employing a Self-Directed Learning Model Where Passions, Activities, and Career Aspirations Converge