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Addressing Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom

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I have recently found Flickr to be a great resource for copyright-free photos. There are four different types of searches you can do on the site. There is always the public search, which may sometimes find copyright-free photos if an individual allows such. There are also many different people out there that allows different uses through "creative commons." 

What I really like is that two of the searches involve "the common" and "US Government Works" and as I have double-checked through all the photos, they are copyright free.

Now, you have to be creative with how you could use the photos, but most from "the common" are really old photos that are great for social studies. 

As a journalism teacher, they come handy, sometimes, with caption information, so it's a great place to find photos to teach composition and caption writing.


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I love Flickr for finding images to use! Great tip, Evan. I didn't know about searching "copyright free" or "the common." I will definitely try that in the future.

I will just add that I often search Flickr for images that are licensed under Creative Commons. There are different licenses within CC, some ask only for attribution, some you can use but not edit, some you are free to edit. Check out the CC photos at Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/.



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Great article. Flickr, the photo-sharing branch of Yahoo, give lots of info about copyright. For example, Attribution Only is the least restrictive; all you have to do is cite the author, and in Flickr's case, it's a URL that goes to the photo's home.

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Collected by Erin Wilkey Oh
on Jan 20 2012

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