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May 16 2017
Posted by: Christopher Working

“I need someone to be the victim.” Laughter echoes through the elementary STEM lab on a frosty Saturday morning in Grand Haven, Michigan. Two girls giggle, surrounded by wrinkly chart paper full of messy writing, as they attempt to recruit actors for their anti-bullying video. A third girl rushes over, and the trio huddles around an...

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May 16 2017
Posted by: Veronica Estrada

I thought I'd mark the occassion.

This year marks my 2nd year in Writing Project World.  I'd just returned to teaching.  My thinking at the time was, How long am I doing this?  Am I in it for the long-term?

Then the National Writing Project led me to understand that there was a way to marry my love for writing and creation to teaching.

Now I'll be a learner all my life.. and nothing, absolutely nothing will get old in my classroom...

I'm very...

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May 08 2017
Posted by: Carrie Nobis

I’m a science teacher.  I didn’t immediately embrace this identity, as I began my career a passionate English teacher.  It didn’t take long before I was bouncing back and forth between English and science classrooms, and I quickly grew to love both equally.  Today, I primarily teach science, but I have not left my English background behind.  As a Teacher Consultant of the National Writing Project, I am always looking for opportunities to...

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Mar 06 2017
Posted by: Aram Kabodian

Starting something new is perpetually a complex endeavor: exciting and challenging; confusing and frustrating; fun and eye-opening; and important and mysterious --- think first day as a freshman, think mid-week of the first week of the Summer Institute (as part of the National Writing Project), think first day on the job. Being a member of this team of teachers (see links, below) working on creating curriculum for Youth Voices was just as amazing.

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Feb 11 2017
Posted by: Kevin Hodgson


I had been writing about diving into the world of Twitter Bots for Networked Narratives, and my interest in creating my own Twitter Bot, if only to understand the process of how it is...

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Feb 10 2017
Posted by: Dianna Baldwin

This past summer I attended our local chapter of the National Writing Project, Red Cedar Writing Project, leadership meeting. During the meeting, we were given the opportunity to join projects that were either in progress or just starting up. I found myself intrigued by the description of both YouthVoices.live and LRNG.org. I decided that these two projects sounded interesting and fulfilled my need to combine learning with technology. 

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Feb 08 2017
Posted by: Jessyca Mathews


Langston Hughes said it best when he expressed his feelings in the masterpiece, “I, too”:


I’ll be at the table

When company comes.

Nobody’ll dare

Say to me,

“Eat in the kitchen,”


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Feb 08 2017
Posted by: Dawn Reed

Sometimes innovation is about having a sense of the big idea, then paving the way one step at a time. Creativity and exploration certainly is part of the learning process.

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Oct 24 2016
Posted by: Karen LaBonte

Yesterday was the fourth and final day of the 4TDW digital writing conference, culminating in Kevin Hodgson’s keynote, “A Day in the Life of a Digital Writer”. Kevin blogged about his experience here. As with all the conference sessions, a recording of the session, as well as slides and notes will be available shortly on...

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Oct 16 2016
Posted by: Kevin Hodgson

(This is a post for DigiLitSunday, a regular look with other educators at digital literacies. This week's theme is connected to the upcoming National Day on Writing, which takes place on Thursday with the theme of Why I Write.)

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Oct 11 2016
Posted by: Amanda Cornwell

In my experience conversation flows freely when paired with food.  While I wish I could offer my webinar guests an actual snack, the company and conversation that is bound to occur will be rich and rewarding, I'm sure!  

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Oct 09 2016
Posted by: Ari Dolid

I’ll be honest. I have only played Pokemon Go once or twice, and not even on my own phone.  But I will say that its application of technology illustrates a major concept I want to highlight in my workshop Collaborative Writing 2.0: Learning the Moves Writers Can Make.  It's that our mobile devices have had GPS and maps for several years now, but in...