Teaching in a Movement for Justice

How are we bringing the #BlackLivesMatter movement into our classrooms?

Connected Learning and the Invitational Summer Institute

What possibilities emerge for Writing Project sites when you take the traditional Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) and infuse that model with the principles of Connected Learning?  What role might the Make Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc)...

From Professional Development to Professional Practice: The SEEDs of Connected Learning in a High Need Middle School

This collection of resources demonstrates the ways that middle school teachers at a high needs middle school in Eastern North Carolina are transforming their professional learning and teaching practices with Connected Learning frameworks.

Assessing Digital Writing: Looking Closely at Student Work

This collection highlights six case studies centered on evidence the authors have uncovered through teacher inquiry and structured conversations about students’ digital...



This resource shares seven key educator-oriented insights from the January 2014 Connected Learning TV "Storytelling and Digital Age Civics" webinar series. Organized by the Media Activism and Participatory Politics (MAPP) Project at USC and its...
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NWP Digital Is
This keynote video of Scratch @ MIT 2014, features Mitch Resnick (MIT/Scratch) interviewing Elyse Eidman-Aadahl (National Writing Project) and Dale Dougherty (Maker Media; Maker Education Initiative). Titled: Making, Coding, Writing, all three...
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During the summer of Making Learning Connected (or clmooc) a  twitter discussion arose on what constitutes a story. Sometimes questions need to be moved past 140 characters. This prompted the collective decision to move the discussion to a google...
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Josh Weisgrau
post by Colin Angevine and Josh Weisgrau We started a STEAM program, and three years later, we’ve outgrown the acronym.