Interconnections: Understanding Systems through Digital Design

This collection highlights and supports the book series Interconnections: Understanding Systems through Digital Design. Each book of the series uses a design-based approach to learning and offers up a toolkit for supporting systems thinking in...

From Professional Development to Professional Practice: The SEEDs of Connected Learning in a High Need Middle School

This collection of resources demonstrates the ways that middle school teachers at a high needs middle school in Eastern North Carolina are transforming their professional learning and teaching practices with Connected Learning frameworks.

Teaching in a Movement for Justice

How are we bringing the #BlackLivesMatter movement into our classrooms?

Learning Connected Learning

This collection brings together content from the NWP Digital Is website which demonstrate some of the key principles of connected learning while also opening up a discussion about the implications of this work for learning both inside and outside...



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NWP Digital Is
This keynote video of Scratch @ MIT 2014, features Mitch Resnick (MIT/Scratch) interviewing Elyse Eidman-Aadahl (National Writing Project) and Dale Dougherty (Maker Media; Maker Education Initiative). Titled: Making, Coding, Writing, all three...
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Laurie Roberts
Taking risks has never felt like a natural part of my personality. I don't typically blaze my own trail. I look for the safe, the comfortable, the experiences I can control.
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Rosie Slentz
Just when I was feeling pretty tech-savvy, I volunteered to be the liaison for National Writing Project’s Connected Learning MOOC (#CLMOOC)...
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NWP Digital Is
In July 2013, the National Writing Project hosted a series of webinars and twitter chats at Connected Learning TV called Writers at Work. In that series, we tapped into a variety of ways that Connected Learning principles provide a powerful...