Textual Power on Our Own Terms: Remixing Literacy in Out-of-School Spaces

What does it look like when young people are writing on their own terms, in spaces outside of school? What new ways of composing do digital media tools open up for us, and what does that mean as it relates to literacy pedagogy and writing...

Making And Creating

The Make Movement is a shift towards helping us see the value in the act of creating instead of merely consuming. As more young people spend their time online, it is important for us, as...

Popular Culture 2.0

Popular culture has changed. No longer just television and movie franchises created by large Hollywood conglomerates, popular culture can be formed by the students in our classrooms. Our students are now both consumers and producers. Sure, they...

Making a MOOC: What we learned in #CLMOOC

CLMOOC is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience that is open to anyone who is interested in making, creativity, and learning. In it, we designed and engaged in "makes"—creative projects—that tap into our personal (and...



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Mitch Nobis
Making comics in the classroom engages students in valuable visual literacy practices. This resource shares how an AP English Language class made comics to enhance students' understanding of visual rhetoric while also helping students read classic...
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christian mckay
As a professional artist, deepening the ways in which seemingly disparate objects and processes are interconnected through locating, and mapping their intersections has been one of the main elements of my studio practice. The Fab Lab tools and...
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Chris Lehmann
As educators we believe that we have a responsibility to use our classrooms to help young people grapple with and address the messiness of the world around them. In collaborating on this, what we know to be true is that there is more than a single...
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NWP Digital Is
In July 2013, the National Writing Project hosted a series of webinars and twitter chats at Connected Learning TV called Writers at Work. In that series, we tapped into a variety of ways that Connected Learning principles provide a powerful...
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Nick Kremer
This resource will help teachers and students become better readers of sequential art narratives by leading them through the process of designing and composing their own comic strip, using a wide variety of mentor text examples throughout the...