Popular Culture 2.0

Popular culture has changed. No longer just television and movie franchises created by large Hollywood conglomerates, popular culture can be formed by the students in our classrooms. Our students are now both consumers and producers. Sure, they...

Making And Creating

The Make Movement is a shift towards helping us see the value in the act of creating instead of merely consuming. As more young people spend their time online, it is important for us, as...

Connections and Reflections from CLMOOC 2014

Making Learning Connected is an event we offered during The Summer to Make, Play & Connect...

Learning Connected Learning

This collection brings together content from the NWP Digital Is website which demonstrate some of the key principles of connected learning while also opening up a discussion about the implications of this work for learning both inside and...



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Dawn Reed
In 2007 I found myself teaching a speech class for the first time. As I excitedly prepared for this teaching experience, I reflected on times when students gave speeches in my English courses. Often I found students didn't remember what they said...
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Chris Lehmann
As educators we believe that we have a responsibility to use our classrooms to help young people grapple with and address the messiness of the world around them. In collaborating on this, what we know to be true is that there is more than a single...
When my colleagues and I redesigned our school’s senior project, dubbed Project Connect, we wanted to emphasize connected learning concepts (see Helping Kids Get Connected).
Teaching can be so messy.  And learning to teach even messier. 
Every fall, Coloradans head to the mountains to see the aspens turn. For just a few weeks, the stands of trembling green leaves that have shaded us through summer hikes transform into gorgeous golden ribbons weaving down the mountainside through...